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Invention Story

As a dad who have two daughters
with respiratory problem
My daughters have suffered from child’s asthma. I always have had concerned about them
whenever they had hardtime sleeping due to the harsh cough with dry air.
I had used humidifiers in the market to relieve their pain for better comfortable sleep.
However, sanitation and cleaning issues with those humidifiers always made me worried,
which motivated me to invent a new humidifier.

I hope I could give a perfectly washable clean humidifier to my precious daughters
without worrying about germ, bacteria and sanitation.
New idea to solve the problem of
hard to reach corners
Ultrasonic humidifiers create fine mist by vibrating ultrasonic membrane.
Thus, in order to operate, ultrasonic membrane should be
2-3cm below the surface of water.
This is why almost all ultrasonichumidifiers have upside-down water tank
and the fan always needs to be buried inside of the basin.
Due to this structure, it’s always hard or impossible to
clean water tank, ultrasnic module and fan.

I’ve been mulling about how to make an easy-to –clean humidifiers
while keeping the ultrasonic membrane below the water.

In December 2011, I encountered the picture of tea infuser called “Sharkey Tea infuser.”
It was a-ha moment. It came to my mind that with floating structure,
I could solve this problem and I could see this newly structured humidifiers solve
lots of chronic prblems of humidifiers in the market.
Miro always tries its best to create
a most sanitary humidfiiers
In South Korea, there was a disastrous happening with humidifier sanitizers. 140 people out of 530 victims,
mostly young kids or pregnant women died because some harsh chemicals to clean humidifiers caused
its users’ lungs failed. This miserable event motivated me to invent a worry free,
sanitary humidifiers for my daugheres and for other people in the future.

The key to a sanitary humidifier is to make a perfectly washable humidifier without using harsh chemical.