Love to keep children
safe as a dad

The mission started with my own children. I wanted to invent a humidifeir that would protect them
from the shortcomings of other designs, and give me peace of mind about having this machine in my own home.
I didn’t want it just to work, I wanted it to work beautifully.
Miro’s design philosophy has achieved a simplicity of form, simplicity of use, and assurance of quality and safety.
A unique combination of technologies results in a machine with exceptional performance, which is also easier to use.
Combining the core values of health, safety, and sanitation, with cutting edge technology results in features that
delight users. This emphasis on not only great technology, but a superior user experience, continues to define
Miro’s approach to appliance design. We think they are the best home humidifiers in the world.

Inventor of Miro’s floating, washable humidifier and CEO of Miro Corp.
-Dongjin Seo,


A new approach to
essential functions.

Miro continues to improve user experience
with home appliances with new approaches to design.

Cleaning and maintenance of home humidifiers has always been the most frustrating part of using old-fashioned
versions of these machines. For too long, sanitation and safety have been neglected aspect of humidifier design.
There have even been cases of people suffering serious illness from improper use of chemicals and sterilizers,
because people desperately want to know that the air and water from their machines is clean.
This harm could have been avoided if people could were able to wash their humidifiers completely and easily.
To achieve this goal Miro’s engineers had to depart from existing styles, and make bold, innovative design choices.
Over the multiple generations of their humidifiers, the risk of innovating has been rewarded, with the look and
perfor-mance of the machines continuing to evolve.


Safe materials
and technology

Miro develops products with safety in mind.

People are usually mindful about using clean dishes for eating and drinking.
However, these same people may not think to make sure that the air and
water from their humidifier is safe and sanitary. Miro’s machines are 100% washable,
and havhase been made with food-grade plastic, and durable metal parts since 2014.
From the chemistry of special materials in the machine, to safe electronics, every design choice works
toward the goal of creating an elegant machine that will provide a great user experience.


Miro’s art
and engineering

There is a lot of expertise
in the design of a Miro humidifier.

Miro’s machines are elegant because the form follows function.
The machine is efficient and elegant in a ways that improve its performance,
and make it simple for the user. The floating design makes the machine easy to wash.
The waterproof fan uses very little electricity, because the airflow is carefully directed.
The output of the machine can be adjusted with simple controls, and shaped by vapor caps.
It is the cooper-ation of engineers, designers,
and every other department that created the polished final product.


Miro to our daily lives